Wednesday Night Way Meals

 Our teens are hungry!  Every Wednesday night that Lafayette Public Schools are in session, our teenagers gather together for Wednesday Night Way and every week parents, church members, and other volunteers help to provide a "snack supper" for our teens and the adults that are volunteering. We NEED your help! 

Here's the way it works: Click the link below to go to our "take them a meal" page. There, you can sign up for an empty slot. There are two slots per Wednesday so that the cost and work can be split between two people. You can line up your own partner and sign the both of you up, or you can sign up for a single slot and we will help to fill the other slot with another parent. If you'd like to provide the meal yourself without a partner, just sign up for both slots on an open Wednesday. 

Every week, two additional adult volunteers are in the kitchen to assist the volunteers providing the meal. There are meal suggestions and other information on our "take them a meal" page (link below). If you have any questions, you can email us or call us at 337-456-6067. Thanks!! 

              Click image to see our WNW Meal page!



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