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Not getting text message updates on AYM stuff? Let us know what you want to be informed about! Take a look at the areas below and then CLICK HERE to email us what you want to be added to. Thanks!

The different areas you can get info on are:
"Special AYM Updates"- This will update you on any youth events outside of our weekly ministries that happen during the school year. Our summer events fall under this category as well as lock-ins, retreats, mission events and more.
"Sr. Hi and Jr. Hi Bible studies" - These studies meet on Sundays at 4:30 off campus. Updates in this area will let you know when the study is canceled or when it is back on after being off.
"AO Choir" - These updates will let you know when youth choir is happening or when it is canceled and will also remind you of upcoming performances. 
"Wednesday Night Way" - This group meets every Wednesday that Lafayette parish has school. These updates will update you on what is happening on a particular Wednesday and what our current mission drive is. It will also notify you of cancellations due to weather and other causes.

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Let us know if you ever want to be taken off of or added to a group by clicking the link above to email us. Do not reply to the text to be taken off a group or added to another. 

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Want to be completely taken off ? Just reply to the text with "Stop all texts" and we will remove you. 

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