Youth Text Updates

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Not getting text message updates on AYM stuff? Itís never been easier to subscribe to our texting list! Just visit the site below. Fill in your info (which will remain confidential) and wait to receive the PIN #. Then put in the pin# and select which area you want updates from. You can sign up for as many or as few as you want.

The different areas you can get info on are:
"Special AYM Updates"- This will update you on any youth events outside of our weekly ministries that happen during the school year. Our summer events fall under this category as well as lock-ins, retreats, mission events and more.
"Sr. Hi and Jr. Hi Bible studies" - These studies meet on Sundays at 4:30 off campus. Updates in this area will let you know when the study is canceled or when it is back on after being off.
"AO Choir" - These updates will let you know when youth choir is happening or when it is canceled and will also remind you of upcoming performances. 
"Wednesday Night Way" - This group meets every Wednesday that Lafayette parish has school. These updates will update you on what is happening on a particular Wednesday and what our current mission drive is. It will also notify you of cancellations due to weather and other causes.

Here is the site and below it are instructions on how edit your info or to end text updates:

Update your Text Profile:
If you're already getting texts from us, you can update your profile and change what you want to get texts about. Just follow the same instructions above, wait for your pin and log in to add or take away an area to get texts on.

Take me off please:
Want to be taken off ? Just go to the same site above, do the same thing again and deselect all of the groups.

If you ever have any other questions feel free to email us!
Happy texting!



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